Picket Fences

There are many styles of Picket Fencing with the main styles being the simple straight picket fence, rise and fall, capped, scalloped and stepped.

Straight Picket – This style compliments the straight lines and modern features of any house. Historically used in very early Colonial style houses to protect yards against wild and domesticated animals.

Rise and Fall – Traditionally used in Victorian style housing. This style compliments perfectly the Verandah and lace work your home possesses.

Capped – A beautiful style to suit any Edwardian house. These can be quite plain or can involve any number of accessories to match fretwork and Verandah detail. These include a combination of Arches, Balustrades and capping styles.

Scalloped – Commonly used in Edwardian style houses where the verandah’s, bull nose roofs and window detail are curved not square.

Stepped – With slopping blocks this is an ideal way to construct your fence to create perfect level lines for both the fence and gates.

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